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The event in the palm of your hand. Your website, floor plan, exhibitor's list, sessions, registration confirmations, all available in iOS and Android platforms. The award-winning technology allows quickly approach to the future.

We integrate into mobile applications, conference content, interactive maps and exhibitor's list, social networks, videos and photo galleries, besides having templates for better visualization of your web content in iPhones.

Connects you and your audience

The mobile app of your event is a real time, dynamic channel of communication between you and your visitors. And everybody knows that your smartphone is the only device you carry all the time, right? So, there’s nothing better than to join these two into one…

It gives you valuable information

Have you ever imagined knowing exactly what are your audiences’ interests and expectations? With the app, it is possible to better understand your visitor, and that will help you to make important decisions in order to organize a better event.

Increases your event revenue

Speaking of return on investment, your app is a great way of capitalizing on advertisement resources. There are several ways of promoting your partners’ and exhibitors’ brands and products.

Apps that change the way to live and event.


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Technology Return of Investment Calculator for your event

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